Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

2/3/2011 Plenty of Fallout

the 258th day...

so the big save that i (partially) lost was for one of my most favorite game i've played ever. i say partially only because i have a few backups from this game already on another back-up drive.

Fallout 3 is a really really bad ass rpg in which i can lose myself for hour. the surreal feel of the capital wasteland and the hints of danger around every corner entices me to play as much as i can. now, i was level 21, and beginning to play some of the areas i had never found before, bot now, i will be starting from scratch again real soon.

why? why am i not angry from this?

simply put, i have completed most of the achievements for being good and neutral, but to play an evil character is something that i haven't done yet. so having said that, the next time i fire up my Fallout 3 game, i'm going to be a total a$$hole and doing all the terrible things possible to unlock trophies and achievements. all in the name of fun and giggles.

i'm a terrible gamer,


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