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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12/29/2010 a severe case of awesome.

the 222nd day...

I've had a very good Christmas holiday thus far, which wraps up with my parents tonight, and i am looking forward to a slightly more relaxed weekend. i intend on purchasing a net-book or laptop before the weekend, the first time owning one for myself, and enjoying the company of some friends who i haven't seen in some time.

hope this finds you all well,


Friday, December 24, 2010

12/24/2010 Christmas Eve Wishes

it's the best night of the year, and i hope yours is just as good as mine. i wish you the best in holiday wishes, and i miss all of you. see you all soon.

peace on earth,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19/2010 Netflixin'

the 212th day...

A few months ago I started up a Netflix account, and I have the instant streaming feature for several of the devices in the house. I’ve bben using it a lot lately, having little time for everything else, and I have to say it is both enriching and destructive.

Allow me to explain.

There are several films that I have seen in my lifetime that I have already seen and didn’t understand in my youth, some that I have heard about and never seen, and some that are train wrecks that I just need to see for myself. Having said that, here are the movies that I have watched, in order, for the past two months.

From Beyond: a lovecraft movie that I began watching on Chill, then watched completely on netflix. Interesting plot devices, but you can tell when they had to start relying on nudity and gore when the plot became too weak.

Harvie Crumpet: claymation film about a man’s calamity stricken life, and proves that life is what you make of it.

Wrestlemaniac: a film starring Rey Mysterio Sr, and one of the girls who holds a case on Deal or No Deal. Story about a demented luchador freak/ military project. It would’ve been nice if the characters were likeable enough to root for their survival. You know it’s a bad movie when the first line of the movie is Dirty Sanchez related. (yeesh)

1984 [nineteen eighty four]: a adaptation of george orwell’s novel, and one that I remember seeing bits and pieces in my youth. Not a bad movie, I guess, but the book was better, I guess. Interesting visuals. I should add this and watch “Brazil” back to back to in case I need reference to utilitarian existences.

Equus: I had heard about this movie, told to stay away from it, and yet I watched it. The psychological profile of a boy whose concept of spirituality and sexuality become twisted and intertwined with a “horse god” he himself fashioned, then blinds the horses for his own “sins” I wonder now about the Richard Griffiths/ Daniel Radcliffe stage version.

Suspiria: I just started watching this movie, heard it was a cult classic horror film, and apparently there are a few questions and answers in the board game “Goth” about this film, so I’m inclined to watch. Surreal visuals add to this horror thriller. I’ll have to see how this one ends.

A friend told me about this movie called “Human Centipede” and again told me how bad it was. Guess what movie I’m watching next…


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12/14/2010 Decisions

the 208th day...

I'm really starting to question some of the choices i have made, and wondering if its time to move on.

work has become this abomination, filled with miscues, communication snafus and overall dysfunction. add to that gratuitous levels of Amazonian drama and you have a wonderful $#!+ souffle.

is this really worth the extra money in my wallet. is this level of abuse and general malaise really the key to financial security?


Sunday, December 5, 2010

12/05/10 Chimney Intruder Song

the 199th day...

so there is this bed intruder song(search auto-tune the news and antone dobson)floating around the internet, and last night at work i came up with a Christmas version of the song in my head.

He's climbin' down yo' chimney
pullin' yo' presents out
stuffin' stockings so you need to find your kids
find your wife,
find your kids,
find your wife,
find your kids,
find your wife,
and find your husbands cause there's presents for everyone up in here...

if your bad there's no need to tell
he already knows
he gonna find you
he gonna find you
and cross you off his good list
off his good list
off his good list
ho ho
ho ho ho ho

you're on the naughty list, ain't gettin no presents and all
you're gettin' coal
you are gettin' coal, for real...


Friday, December 3, 2010

12/3/10 Holiday Ratio

the 197th day...

i am amazed about the holidays, and how the more you get your Christmas shopping done, the more you begin to get in the Christmas spirit. it's kinds sad that the two are inexplicably intertwined, but it does feel like a weight has been lifted. i think I'm about 2/3rds done with the shopping aspect, and I've bought some bad as gifts, so i hope people like them.

this year was the first year that i actually participated in cyber shopping week. i find this a bit easier, but there is an inherent danger to this. I've bought my daughter a bunch of Godzilla stuff, things that are difficult to find in stores, so now I'm dreading any email stating that they don't have those items in stock. just an unacceptable feeling of impending dread.

last night i put on the radio to the local station that play Christmas music, and found myself enjoying it. again, possibly a result of the burden of buying being slightly lifted.

hmm, maybe i should start in September next year so that by October I'm in the mood for Christmas. LOL

peace to all