Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
A Window of Opportunity

Monday, February 3, 2014

02/03/2014 A Window into my Mind

My Dreams are back in full force, often throwing me for a loop here and there.

i often dream of some specific things.

Nature: i have segments of dreams of large open planes, grassy areas, surrounded by lush, dense trees. other times, i could be around stones or mountains that are impossibly high. now, mind you, i'm not really an outdoorsman though i do love camping. just some odd circumstances

Work: i dream of work, but it's always wrong, like my brain takes elements of the job, but twist it in such a way to make it unusual. the most recent one was that my company was trying to make the large storage racks earthquake prook, by rigging a machine to them to shake the hell out of them, just to see their tolerances. needless to say, stuff went flying everywhere on a very low setting.

Places of Business: i'll dream about amusement parks with impossible rides (rollercoasters in water, broken down spinning rides, etc) just weird things. last night i had one about shopping mall (another frequent thing) and two new stores that opened that were like a really cheaply made Big Lots. other times it's at a shopping complex after hours, in the dark and cold, where no one is there and i'm all alone. those are the ones that slightly freak me out  bit.

Full Bladder: when i have to go to the bathroom, my mind throws me a signal. i'll dream of trying to go to the bathroom, but there's always something wrong. an example of this: i had to go to the bathroom, but the urinals were all filled with people, there was a table where people were sitting and chatting away, the stalls and their walls were too low, and therefore no privacy, other times the stalls were a maze, but i get to the toilet, and it's overflowed, broken, or filled with refuse/garbage, or completely blocked off by iron bars. once i found a urinal, it was too short so i was backing up to take the shot so to speak, and my co worker strolled in front of ,me and prevented to flow from escaping. that's usually when i get up to relieve myself.

me an my mind, what a pair!