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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Dissection of the MUTO

as a fan of godzilla, and a father of someone more fanatical than i, i'm looking forward to the release of Godzilla 2014 by legendary pictures. Big G has never looked better, despite the fact that he looks like he needs to lay off the quarter-ton burgers, but still it's true to form and not the oversized iguana from the 1998 film.

but i still have a problem, there is a flaw with the monster set to fight Godzilla. I know him as MUTO.

I posted this meme of MUTO and his parts in my facebook Clash of the Kaiju page, and i'll share it here.

now i'll explain the sum of his parts.

Maximillian (The Black Hole): this psychotic robot most recently jumped out at me as some possible source material in the creation of this creature. you don't see it in the picture, but his legs are long past the knee joints and taper down. his multi-faceted arms and red visor are reminiscent of the general design and posture of MUTO. it might be a bit of a stretch, and i'm willing to concede to that, but something about that picture jumped out at me today, and i can't deny it.

Cloverfield (Cloverfield): look at the posture and design...really? can this be a coincidence? ok, let's go a bit deeper here. let's sat that legendary pictures and the group behind Godzilla 2014 needed a monster to go up against Big G, so they brainstorm but really can't come up with a interesting design, so maybe someone realizes that Paramount Pictures/ Bad Robot/ the guys that made cloverfield are sitting on a program that mapped out "Clover's" movements and decided to buy it from them, as a means of recycling current technology and cutting down costs. they wireframe a creature around the cloverfield movements and this is what comes up as the design. to me there is nothing really outstanding about the creature, and looking at MUTO as just a stand in for a real monster, this argument becomes a little more interesting. the main difference is that MUTO has one more set of arms. which seem to be joined to the next large set that he has. so is it coincidence?

Arachnid (Starship Troopers): i look at that menacing head and jaws of the arachnid, and then i look at MUTO's dome, and the two look very similar to me. now i know that MUTO has arachnid like origins, but that weird angular head is a strange case. if you shortened the jaws of the arachnid, and then slid them more like a human jaw into the remainder of the head could in not be a suitable replacement for an already similar head. let's not even mention color scheme or primitive spike-like design of the frontmost arms as similar as well, or did i speak too much already?

anyway, just some observations, and you're welcome to have/add your own.