Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

04--07--2012: Overtime Overdose/ General Nonsense

day 685

i've been working a lot of overtime, since apparently we're in our busy season. i worked almost three weeks in a row, and have had very little time to do anything else. any small projects i've had have stopped altogether. grr.

other than that, life is good. for the first time in years, we're extremely financially stable. its a good feeling.

the family home-front dynamic has changed a bit though. i feel more like i'm just a person who lives here, but i've had little interaction with the rest of the family. weekends, if i get them off, are for catching up with the family. unfortunately there are the friends of mine who i haven't seen in months. again i need to correct this. i need to call them, see them. i need to let them know that i'm still around and that i care.

it's really hard to let go of the "Family man" template and start becoming the "working class" man. man, am i bringing home the bacon. :}

all things are good, all people are healthy. i hope all is the same for you.