Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Monday, May 30, 2011

05/30/2011 Memorial Day Weekend

day 371

it's been a great vacation. this is the last day i have off before returning to work, and i'm about 21 days out from my 14th year anniversary of working at BAX.

gosh, so much has changed, right?

again, i've been absent for a few days, so let's catch up shall we?

first off: my wife is a phenomenal woman and i am so lucky to have her. she had told me last weekend that she was going to bring me home a ps3 after work one day, but she was afraid that she was going to get the wrong one and mess up. now, even though she didn't get me one, i thought that was one of the nicest thoughts ever. she saw how much i missed my ps3 and mt workout regiment. so, after a short discussion, we decided to forgo the father's day gift this year and she went "halvsies" on a new ps3 model.

we spent much of the weekend on the couch, breaking in the new technology by streaming 4 netflix movies, plus watching the dvd we received in the mail. without working, it was a spectacular time, and i really had fun with her.

also, spent Sunday up at the In-laws near Catawba, overlooking the the miller ferry and water towards PiB. beautiful day, though the weather turned for the worse later in the evening. sill a great time. i made my Shish Tawook (spicy chicken on a stick)and it was a hit. i feel so stuffed even today. going to have to double up on my workouts this week i think to lose the last few pounds.

GenCon is weighing heavily on my soul. i really hope i can get enough money together to go. i've already have my tickets bought and i am waiting for them to arrive. just have to pay for the hotel rooms, and have money for food. at this point i could care less about the dealer room, but i want to be able to appreciate this convention to the fullest. i look forward to seeing some great people that i haven't seen in months, and with some of the things that i'm working on, i want to get out there and get face time with a few people. let's see if something happens later, right?

i've gone back to writing on a few projects that i was working on earlier this year, but had to put down because of AnCon (which by the way was a huge success) and i've really started to get into the swing of things again. i'm getting close to finishing the rough draft, which i actually done because i wrote this thing out a few years back, but due to a finger injury i couldn't type it out. so things are going weel with it, and i'm trying to embellish a bit on it. i think layout and editing will be a bit of a bitch though, but i'm looking forward to seeing how this comes out. we'll see how this plays out as well.

that's all for now, and i promise to write more, i swear. see you all soon


Thursday, May 19, 2011

05/19/2011 so much stuff

day 360

lots of stuff to cover.

passed all of my recurrent trainings for my work certifications, yay me.

workouts still going strong, until today, when my second ps3 died. and its a few days out of the 90 day warranty. so on to the new model, but i'm really pissed about losing the workout streak.

going to hudson ohio this weekend and my vacation begins tonight. ancon will take my mind off some stuff.

looking and looming closer to getting a car, and have an eye on a possible home. can we say "broke as hell" if we go for both?

that is all yall.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5/11/2011 The Definitive Playlist of M.T. Kuszek

Day 352..

A simple challenge popped into my head last night, as most things just pop into my head. using my computer and laptop, i've been adding songs to my already impressive music collection.

anyway, the thought occurred to me...30 songs, in a specific order, to make a "Definitive M.T. Kuszek" playlist.

a bunch of songs that are moving and inspiring, yet speak volumes about the type of person that i am.

if you had 30 songs for a "Definitive (insert name here)" playlist, what songs would you put on that list? which song would be be first? which song would speak the most about you? hell, would you be able to fill 30 slots?

so, since i have some free time, i'm going to make a list, and create it once i get 30 songs. they just have to present themselves to me (i.e. pop in my head) so far on a rough list i have 13 songs. i'm going to go upstairs and look at my cd collection and find more.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5/3/2011 I'm Back Again

day 345

i've been busy trying to gt some things done before the next three weeks of this month hit me between the eyes. i still have yet to get another vehicle, i have classes and trips coming up in the near future. and on top of it all, the hours at work are beyond slow.

but i have been able to persevere. my workout are still going strong, which are making me stronger in mind and body. i've got a lot of good positive energy around me at the moment, and i want to keep it that way for a while.

so peace for now.