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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Monday, April 18, 2011

4/18/2011 a love/hate realtionship.

day 330.

i have been working out the past few weeks and today i begin my third week of using EA Sports Active 2. so far the results have been pretty good, and i've stuck with it, but there are days, especially at the end of the week that i just don't want to get into the workout. yet, i find myself strapping on the sensors and firing up the program.

like i'm going to do now. let's sweat it out folks.


Monday, April 11, 2011

4/11/2011 Giving Up

day 323

i have come to terms that at this moment, i can't continue the 30 Zombie Movies in 30 days experiment.Frankly it, has just become too difficult to try to fit in a movie each day, so i'm tapping out, throwing in the towel, and saying adieu to this whole Zombie themed madness.

gotta move on with other things. at least for now.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

4/10/2011 Killer Sheep?

day 322

i watched "Black Sheep" Last night, a movie that involves killer mutant sheep. now this movie may or may not actually be a zombie flick, because there are no real zombies, but it has been debated and is on several unofficial lists of zombie movies. close enough i guess.

i've got a game of dead to run today, and once this is done, it's on to the next projects.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

4/8/2011 Doom and Dread

321st day...

I watched "Doom". I don't care what the critics say, the movie is pretty solid. maybe because it is more of a mindless action flick than anything else. it does have its merits, along with it's flaws, but hell, i like it.

Sunday, meeting up with friends to play a game of "Dread". should be really fun. and i have to remind myself to detour to denny's before i go there to pick up some bacon ice cream.

smile ('cause you need to),

Thursday, April 7, 2011

4/7/2011 Zoms and Workout

320th day

today, i watched "Planet Terror" one of the Grindhouse flicks released a few years back. it's a good flick, which is surprising despite the movie not really delivering on its promise of a girl with a gun leg blowing stuff up. i like their idea of zombies with some cognitive ability, some serious violence issues, and a ridiculous amount of blood exploding from them like a popped mosquito.

in other news, i am 4 workouts into my newest acquisition. EA Sports Active 2 is pretty cool, and allows for a lot of variation of workout. i feel the difference already, and i'm looking forward to seeing just how much this changes me. i'm not expecting dramatic effects body-wise, but rather a healthier heart. after seeing what happened to another co-worker the past few weeks ago, plus the ever looming 35 over my head, i think it is time to put my future into my own hands and do something about it.

peace y'all


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4/6/2011 Zeds and Dread

319th day...

Today, i reluctantly tapped back into my own personal library and pulled out one of the old dusty "god i wish i never have to see this one again" movies. "Rise of the Undead" is one of those films that you swear it was just a class project. it has some typical archetypes/characters that more or less follow how you think they're going to act. there are some "funny because it's bad" moments for sure, and the whole thing is shot is what appears to be an indoor storage facility.

now, i'm not going to entirely throw this one under the bus, frankly because they had enough gumption to actually put this thing out on dvd, and it does have more memorable lines than the remake of "day of the dead" i saw a few days ago. it's an interesting premise and location. again, you have to know that by looking at the case and the first few minutes of the movie that this movie is not going to be a game changer. it's not going to register on the 25 best zombie flicks ever made.

overall, if by some chance, you happen to find a moment that you can view it someway, without a huge investment, take a look at it and have a laugh here or there, then pretend it doesn't exist and put it a more viewable movie.

now, i have some catching up to do. one of my friends is coming into town for a weekend of gaming and i need to get ready and re-prepared for my "Dread" game scheduled for Sunday. time to go wake up "Pandora" from her slumber in my linen closet.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/5/2011 Zoms in Space

the 318th day...

So I want to watch Shaun of the dead today, but found that the sites i was going to use have changed their movies, so there is the first hiccup in this experiment.

i watched "Dead Space: Downfall" today, an animated movie prequel to the EA Video Game of the same name. i really like the atmosphere and story-life thus far of this video game world. if there were such a thing as space zombies, the necromorphs would definitely be it. i think they're more chilling that original zombies, just because of the sheer number of variations in the Dead Space world. add in a heaping pile of "I'm alone in the vastness of space, and there's a killer fear generator.

what tomorrow brings? i have no idea yet....wait, yes i do... :P


Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/2011 Zoms in the Morning

the 317th day...

cheated a little bit last night, and watched half of Zom-Mov #4 "Land of the Dead" and then finished it up this morning.

this is probably one of the films that i really enjoy, since the world is already gone and its a peek into civilization after the apocalypse. i always thought i would make a good zombie game, possibly an "AFMBE" rpg setting, and the cost does a really cool job. i really like some of the aspects of the semi-intelligent zombie and their childlike interactions.

so 4 down, 26 to go, and already i'm feeling a bit funky. i played "last night on earth", a zombie board-game, with some friends last night, and i was a zombie. i think the movies might bring down your intelligence a bit, because i had a severe lack of tactics last night. :P

so, i've finished the Romero films, more or less, on to some others that need viewing.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

4/3/2011 Morning Zom-mov and friends

the 316th day...

Today, i watched "Day of the Dead", a 2008 remake on the nexflix streaming, and i'm disappointed that i could not find the original anywhere on many of the movie sites.

anyway this film has a cavalcade of b-actors that you've seen somewhere else before. the only two names i really recognized in the credits were ving rhames (good) and nick cannon (bad). now the zombies are of the "fast" variety, but they also show off some interesting intelligence, often resorting to pack tactics to take down prey. there are also instances of super jumping and spider climbing on the ceiling, which are cool and all, but really don't fit into the whole zombie aspect.

the movie has a lot of 'meh" moments, the acting drags on without a real connection to any character. there are a few good visual moments, but they fall back into cliche moments too. hardly any memorable lines in the movie.

and i swear to god, if i see another zom-mov that shows off visual noise and distortion in its opening credits, which i'm sure i will see within the next 27 days, i'm going to lose it.

it's creative, but kinda bland, shows promise, then falls back into the fold. meh, it's ok


off to the friends house soon. wonder if they have any zombie games to play? LOL

Saturday, April 2, 2011

4/2/2011 Zom-Movs and Work

the 315th day...

before i set off to work today, i got up a bit earlier and popped in "Dawn of the Dead: Unrated Director's Cut (2004)" from my own personal stash. now i barely remember the original except for a few things, but i did enjoy this remake and the photography is pretty cool.

given the opportunity, if a zombie apocalypse came, would i shack up in mall? doubtful, since all of the malls around this area are all dead or of the outside park model. personally i would head out to my workplace. maybe. depends if zombies can use stairs or not.

more zom-movs await me. 2 down -- 28 to go.


Friday, April 1, 2011

4/1/2011 Zombie Movie Month

the 314th day...

...and this is no April Fool's joke...

so i began my quest today to watch 30 zom-movs in 30 days, and i indeed started off with the classic "Night of the Living Dead" from my own personal collection.

now mind you, i have seen this many times, and i do have to say that it is the absolute foundation in which zombies movies and all zombie media is generated. from the simple aspects of zombie physiology and how to handle yourself in a given zombie infestation. it still stands today as the cornerstone of the genre.

now if only someone actually survived in the movie... :)

on to tomorrow, and another zom-mov.