Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

things to always remember

remember your worth: know what your strengths are and what things you do well. never let anyone else try to break you down and tell you that you're less than what you are.

words can be hurtful, but only if you let them hurt you. know that if people yell at you, they are only increasing their volume level.

be nice to other people and hold yourself to a high standard, but try not to expect people to reciprocate your behavior. it will hurt if you do.

never ignore the thoughts in your head that keep pestering you. deal with them, for sometimes those ideas are the best that life have to offer.

listen to your heart, but also your head. the two are connected despite considerable distance.

friends come and go, because its the nature of the human condition. we grow, and as such we grow apart.

its easy to forgive people, but hard to forget. know the difference and which one is important to you.

attempt to understand that there are always going to be people in the world who are always out to get ahead of other people, who are only out for themselves. give them room, but give them no additional consideration. they'll do fine on their own.

genuinely care about what you do, not trudge through it just to get a paycheck or a reward. it's all the better that the journey is just as fulfilling as the end result.

don't be afraid to grow, to take chances now and then. sometimes the unfamiliar can become a good thing.

never be afraid to walk away from a bad situation, even if you were told that you have gold in your hand when really your holding a pile of dung. instincts and gut feelings are rarely wrong because they ensure our survival as a species.

love and lust are two entirely different things, but find the one person you can share both with.

have passion for things, and love them dearly, but never let them overtake your life. small doses with occasional binges is fine. it keeps up alive and ready for the everyday grind.

don't be afraid to smile. to laugh. to be yourself. share it with someone. you might create a new connection.