Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Friday, September 30, 2011

09-30-201 an exercise in meaningless acievement

day 494

so, for some reason, my body has begun to rebel against me, for both good and bad. the good news is that my ankle is healing wonderfully, and i haven't had to wear the brace for some time now. in fact, ever since the Cedar Point trip. i have a greater confidence that it's going to heal all right on its own.

the downfall is that my body doesn't know how to sleep when it supposed to all night long. the past several weeks, i have had to get up in the middle of the night and kill some time by playing video games, tv, the computer.

now my personal game of choice right now is "Dead Rising 2" a zombie infected Faux Las Vegas with tons of gimmicky weapons and unique missions. i've beat the game several times, and now i have turned my attention to "Grinding" for "trophies"

(for the non gamer: Grinding for Trophies means that i've spending time doing mundane tasks to unlock Trophies which are imaginary achievements that really don't amount to anything.)

anyway, i have my eye on the prize right now; i have begun to work towards two specific trophies that involve zombie bodycount. one is called "Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder" and i have to kill 53,596 zombies. the second is called "Zombie Genocide Master" which means i have to kill 72,000 zombies.

now, you're thinking, if i've played this several times, shouldn't i have an overall cumulative zombie count that equals this already? HA! here's the caveat; i have to do in one play-through, which is an in game 72-hour period, translating to just under 7 hours of real world time.

preposterous! how could anyone pull off such a feat?

simple, i bought the keys to a generation one Hummer; wide, heavy, and made to go over anything in its path.

now all i have to do is spend the several hours crushing zombies, ignoring all other aspects of the game, and turning a blind to every other survivor in the game. all in the name of a trophy the doesn't really exist...

does it help that the trophy is a gold trophy?

no...not really...oh well, ZOMBIES!!! WOO!!!


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