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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Friday, September 9, 2011

09-09-2011 I Hate People

day 473

i come to the horrible realization that i hate people. i really loathe them. not because of who they are, but rather that the collective is untrustworthy. my lack of faith in them, along with general apathy for the whole, grows every day.

last night, at about 9pm, we get one of those "double doorbell rings". my wife and i look at each other, wondering who this could be at this hour.

long story short, my wife answers the door, and this wet guy points out that he has his boss's car, that he locked out, that his car is on holland sylvania and bancroft, and that he need 15 bucks for the wrecker, and he was adamant about how much he needed. i was nearby the door, listening to him speed talk through this, i think he even faked a phone call, talking to his "wife" about the babysitter and how he's going to be late. i heard no feed back from the phone.

so my wife, a kindhearted woman, gave him the money.

this is not the first time we've been asked for money, but i swear to the heavens it will be the last. again i reiterate that i hate people. i'm generally paranoid at night, overly protective about my family, and my mistrust of the species grows with every little incident that happens to us.

Why us? why are we the good ones?


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