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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

09-11-2011 Out Of Sync/ Honorable Mention

day 475

quick mention to 9-11 and all those who were lost in the terrible tragedy that was the world trade center attack. though you are gone, you will never be forgotten.

and on to today's post.

today i feel a little bit out of sync with the world. i've missed some good opportunities this weekend, but at the same time, some new opportunities are coming my way. i feel closer than ever to securing another car for the family, and i really hope it works out. also, though this Wednesday is the last time that i will ever step foot on BAX GLOBAL property, the job hunt is heating up, and i hope to secure a good job here real soon. i think i need it to keep my sanity going.

i plan on starting to work on some new projects in the meantime, giving myself a head start on the convention schedule next year. though i have no idea what the future holds for me, i have to keep moving forward as is there is no interrupt whatsoever.

speaking of conventions, my epic "Qags-in-a-Bag" game from Gencon was noted in a very cool podcast by if you want a taste of the insanity that i perform, listen to the podcast, and the section about me begins at about the 17:30 mark. i'll include a link at the bottom of the page for it.

i'm missing all my friends right now, but my wife is really helping me through this tough time right now, and i'm really beginning to let my real feeling come to the surface. i hope some good friend therapy is around the corner to help me cope with the emptiness.

i'm starting to put some plans into motion to run some social event of some sort in the near future. planning is a little sketchy at the moment, since my family is taking up a lot of that time, since they know that i'm off on the weekends. some good small trips are coming up in the future, and that'll help me get out of the funk.

i'm going back to michael's craft store in a little bit to go get some more halloween items with the girls. we'll make a day of it. NFL football is back, and that's good for the soul.

peace my friends. stay frosty.


PS: Podcast link

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