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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

09-07-2011 Mr Monday Creeps Me Out.

Day 471

I haven't talked about Mr Monday recently, which isn't a bad thing. he just hasn't sone anything to really upset me, since i know that our time together is coming to an end. but this morning, he kind of creeped me out.

last night, i went into work for "cleanup crew", getting the place ready for what ever next tenant moves in. whenever that is. we worked from 2am to about 345am. not terrible, but a lot less than we're used to.

we leave the place, and in the parking lot, one of my co workers comes up with the idea about going to a pancake house of international renown. i'll all for it, so a few of my co-workers, individuals that i would call friends, go off to the nearest said establishment.

i pull into the parking lot and get out of my car. now, mind you it's dark and raining, but i can tel through my rain streaked glasses that a large vehicle is behind my car. i realize that it is Mr Monday's Van

funny. i think to myself, i didn't invite him. did he overhear us? did he see me turn in here because he goes this way to the expressway? what the hell does he want?

i wait to see if he's going to pull into the spot next to me, he does not. instead i go across the road and circle over to his window.

"what's up?" i inquire.

"hey, i've got a question for you?" he replies


"when are we supposed to start the unemployment registration?"

"date of termination and not before" i reply

"ok, that's what i thought. i'll see ya." he says. he begins to drive off.

i give him a quick wave and go towards the door. at that time two of my associates get out of there car.

"hey, was that just--?"

"yeah, yeah it was."

what? he's not eating here with us, is he?"

"no no no. he just wanted to ask me a question about unemployment."

"oh...that's kinda weird."


so we go inside and meet up with the two other who got to the restaurant before us.
during the food and conversation, two of the employees talk about how one of the independent contractors' cargo van is a "rape van" because it has a mattress in the back on the sidewall of the van.

at this point, my eyes open wide because i just realized something. i blurt out
"boy, i'm real glad (Mr Monday)'s question wasn't 'Hey, does this smell like chloroform to you?'".

at this point, i have to relay the specifics of this strange visit from the strange man in the parking lot to the other two individuals i was partaking in breakfast with. they game me the slightly creeped out look much like the others did.

only one more day with Mr Monday. then, freedom. i just really wish i don't run into him an another job.


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