Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

09-21-2011 A Long Day/ Clearly Insane

day 485

i begin writing this about about 5:50 am, simply because i didn't sleep well last night, and when i went to bed, my four year old decided this was the perfect time to get up. she is energetic, and i am fading. now the rest of the family is up to start their day, and i feel disconnected to the day already.

in other news, i've been writing more and more. in fact, i'm writing a few more entries for another publication later this year, and frankly i wonder if i am completely insane. some of the stuff i come up with is so far out in left field, i might be in another ballpark all together. some of the things that i come up with kind of frighten me, and i've started to wonder about why i tend to gravitate towards certain trends.

without giving away too much, i'm writing about a correlation between certain baseballs hit during the summer of 1998 and the very opening of the gates of hell because the owner of said baseballs is actually a demon. What? Who thinks this way? oh wait, i do!

so i'm trying to continue writing that entry today. i think i just need to keep my head down and barrel through it and not question my abilities or my state of mental health. maybe some sleep deprivation might help the gears to turn without issue.


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