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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

05/16/10 Never Talk Too Much…

The 5th day…

I am not a talkative person, part of the internalization I’ve been doing for years. Part of the reason I don’t speak so muck is because I hate to pollute people’s eardrums with banality and useless drivel. There is no reason for it, and I would rather remain silent than make some poor schmuck listen to a ridiculous conversation.

Unfortunately, most people I have come into contact with don’t see to follow these guidelines…

Case and point; I was at a small convention on Friday night, working my vendor’s table, which happened to be next to some other guy’s table. (the man’s name escapes me at the moment, probably because he spent most of that night polluting my eardrums.) This individual spent the good portion of two hours going on about how we could make more money and how this isn’t the place for us, and his experiences about god knows whatever he did back it the day. It was an aural assault, and frankly I didn’t appreciate it too much.

However, the “nice guy” in me let him go and speak his mind, and probably most of the contents of his mind spilled into mine.

Assertiveness is something I really need to work on, but if I was going to say something to him about his constant babbling, I’m sure it would have been pretty rude. So the nice part of me decided it was batter if I just let the self suffering continue.

This is not the first time I’ve had someone drone on and on about something I really didn’t care about, but the worst part about it was the fact that the guy was obviously hard of hearing, since he spoke loudly, and had to ask “what’s that?” seconds before I finished whatever point I was going to make.

Lucky guy…didn’t have to hear himself babble…


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  1. Been there done that, when you find an answer on how to handle this "type" of situation..please do share!