Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

05/12/2010 The Groundwork is the Strongest Foundation

My pledge to you, my rules of this blog, are to be detailed here. These simple rules are to be the foundation for me to stay true to the format of this living journal. I vow to do the following.

1) I will write everyday, and will write something that is a deep part of me. Something that is near and dear to me, something that is a component of my life.
I refuse to write about nonsensical things that are vapid and meaningless in life. I want this to be deep and meaningful, and in doing so we will both discover the true man that is M.T. Kuszek.

2) the things that I write about will not be censored or reworked to save the feelings of people, including myself. They will be genuine emotions and thoughts that come through my mind. I refuse to hinder my growth anymore. Even if no one listens to me, or reads these blogs, they will be here for me, and for me to learn and grow from this information.

3) I will talk about many different things, but not all things, at least not yet, we will see what path this journal goes down, and when it comes time to open up those doors, I may just do it.

4) If you know me personally, whether as friend, coworker, or family, your perception of me will change. I have to acknowledge this fact, but that is just the way human nature is designed. If you feel the need to end our friendship or whatever relationship we have, so be it. Where one friend falls, two more rise. Just be aware that I will only be using my name, and will keep the details vague about other parties involved. They are the innocent, and they will be protected, for this is about my life and not theirs. I shall take responsibility for my words.

That’s all I have for now, just know that this project, this journal, has been something I have been envisioning for many years now (over ten years in the making) and now I have a medium to share it with you.

No more hiding, no more secrets, no more of the old me… I stand my ground today…


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