Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/2011 Derailed

day 525

from Thursday onward, this whole list of things to do was shut completely down. i took the day off on Friday to spend time with Jillian, which in fact she was supposed to be with one of the Grandmas that day. It didn't work out that way.

Then, The Riot Act was read to me by my wife. She had a difficult week, and apparently i was the target she chose to take it out on. i'm not holding it against her, since i know she's in a hormonal state at the moment, and i'm used to these antics during these moments. Sometimes i wonder if i know her cycle a little too well.

so now, i'm taking the foot off the pedal a little bit, working on the pressing pieces one at a time. the first thing i need to do is get ready for this weekend, and the Game Day at the Fort (Ft Meigs). i plan on running my set of Clash of the Kaiju on Saturday from 1-4, so if you're in the area, come check it out and support the fort.

i have all the hard components of the game set, but i still need to make printouts, and posts on the facebook page. it appears that i've overlooked a few things and need to correct them before moving forward.

once this weekend deal is done, it will be nothing but working on my second draft on my stand alone project. it needs A LOT of work, but i'm still convinced that it can be a success. everything else has to take a back seat for a while. My projects for upcoming conventions; welcome to the backseat.

that's all i have for now my peeps. have a great one.


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