Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/27/2011 Adjusting the Schedule

day 521

yesterday was a bit of a wash for me.

my four year old daughter was in one of her moods, which involves a lot of whining. she wanted to be involved in everything that i was working on. she needed some "us" time.

i can't turn that down.

i did manage to finish my second entry for the publication and sent it via email. i received a nice email back saying thanks for the entries. that made me feel good about what i was doing. i was questioning my work, i still do, and i know that i've given them carte blanche to fix and change anything around in my entries. anything to keep the creativity rolling.

but now i'm officially behind on my to do list. time for a bit of restructuring.

my next projects were a 24 hour grind on finishing an event for February, as well as beginning to tear apart my first draft of my stand alone project and begin to "frankenstein" it back together. What to do? What to do?

i think today i do a bit of both, starting with my first draft, and then work on my event once i tire of the revisions. thankfully, i have some great direction in the way i'm supposed to edit this thing. i now have a format that i can follow that might make this easier for me, plus i need to add a lot of content and refine the grammar quite a bit.

some excitement for a busy writing day. hopefull i can get several hours of writing done today. Off i go!!!


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