Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
A Window of Opportunity

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/01/11 Potpourri of Pissed Off

Day 526

The tide has turned, not necessarily for the worst, but not for the best either.

i find myself in a constant state of flux, between the things that i need to do, and the things that i want to do. now, this is nothing new to me, or to any of us for that matter. it seems to be a human trait that can't be suppressed. i'm starting to think it's some sort of survival mechanism. forget the conscious, more like just a bunch of chemicals interacting to get $#!+ done.

now, here's the twist to all of this: i have an opportunity to reinvent myself here. to trail-blaze and cut myself out a new niche of success. the other option; i can join a newly formed company that is exactly the same operation that i did at Bax Global, for significantly less pay. i worry about this possibility being similar to another shutdown/startup fiasco as it was with the Ford/Maumee stamping plant. so to me, this is a threshold i'm not really ready to cross, at least not yet.

i'm thinking about the possibilities about starting up something for myself, perhaps some sort of party service. it's just a thought, but it's one of those that doesn't seem to go away. it would pay the bills, and some good money could be made in a relatively short time. plus it would be something i would enjoy doing. but then again, i'd probably be breaking even. but it is an interesting and enticing possibility.

oh, how the yin and yang pull at each other. i hope sometime soon i can get to the conclusion of this turmoil. i need time alone to think. then again, some feedback would be appreciated too. heh, i can't even make my mind up about that too.

peace friends.


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