Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/25/2011 Check That Off the List

day 519

before i begin, i just want to point something out; when i write this, i don't necessarily use proper syntax and english skills when writing this blog. i don't capitalize or punctuate all the time, i just make sure that get the words across and try to spell them correctly. it's my brain spilling out on the page, that's all. i'm actually a pretty good writer, i just don't use it here.

anyway, on to the post.

so yesterday (as well as today) i'm in my daughter's room, working at her desk, which is now my makeshift office for the days that she is gone. i began writing my entries, but then life decided to slow me down a bit. i received a phone call from my mother-in-law, discussing the possibilities about how my youngest daughter may have a urinary tract infection, and just generally making me feel bad about my current situation. it amazes me how things break down when you don't have the support system in place to catch it.

anyway, i get back to writing, then visit the social network to suddenly get bombarded with messages about another Bax-like business moving into the hub. this takes me back downstairs to print out an application, but not fill it out. i still need to talk to rachel more about this, but she really wasn't in a good mood last night to talk about it.

so again, i get back upstairs, but i lose my flow. at this point i take a break. relax and play a few games with my kids. once my daughters are settled in in the afternoon, i go back upstairs and finish the first entry. i look it over, then send it off to the proper people. i hope to hear something about it soon.

today, it's part two of the entries, though i have to write it from scratch today. a little bit of background research, and then the writing. i think i have a few ideas for it, but need to refine it as i write.

let's see where this takes me today. peace.


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