Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Monday, January 31, 2011

1/31/2011 An Unexpected Suprise...

the 255th day...

today i was typing away at my laptop in the kitchen, working an some various projects when i see the USPS truck pull up. now i know my ps3 is coming home soon, but i know that's done by fedex, so i think nothing of it. next thing i know my doorbell rings...

what the hell?

so i get up, walk to the door, open it, and i'm handed a large package. look at the name, and it says "Talbot" on it. Hmm, i know i just emailed him a few days ago, a reply for a request of personal info for his records.

what the hell does he have up his sleeve today?

so i put it on the table and open it. after fighting through a crumpled paper attack of massive proportions, i come across a manila envelope, heavy with contents.

again, what the hell?

i open the envelope to find two books, both about Kaiju, one of the many subjects my daughter and i like together. both new and really cool. i laugh a bit, knowing that those that sent me these know me a little too well. in one the books i see another envelope.

i smile as i pull it out of the one book.

long story short, the fantastic people at Hexgames recognize my efforts as someone who tries to promote their products and would like to thank me for said efforts.

it's been a real good day! :}


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