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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Friday, January 14, 2011

1/14/11 ...With a Grain of Salt...

the 238th day...

on my work team, we have a bunch of new employees, and many of them are younger then me. not that there's any problem with that, but you know how that goes sometimes. they think of you as the seasoned veteran and often want to know information that you take for granted, so occasionally i get asked the "stupid question". not a big deal for me, i have a tolerance for such things.

however, one of the new guys i have come to know as someone who embellishes his stories...a lot. a LOT lot. it's almost to the point that the stories are a bit ridiculous at times. i think last night at work i overhead him talking to a fellow employee, and he was regaling him about how his buddy of his was training to be a ninja, and how the final test was that he had to go and kill someone. i really hope he was talking about historical fact rather than current events and that i just heard it wrong.

so, he also has a very skewed view of like, telling me that he he can't wait to marry "a rich chick" so he doesn't have to work again, and that he almost had that in his hand once and she had been training to be a vet.

is that the sound of a salt shaker in the distance? shake shake shake.

is he trying to impress me, of just creep me out a bit? i really don't know the case, but whatever it is, it's just weird.

creeped out for now,


PS: a really cool announcement coming sunday. be ready.

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