Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
A Window of Opportunity

Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/27/11 The Creative Process has me Shackled...

the 251st day...

in lieu of the loss of my ps3, i have been able to throw myself into several projects to keep my mind occupied, and i have to say the results are wonderful. so far, i have finished several project that weren't even going to be touched until later this year, including a full power point presentation for some of my associates, and the quality went through the roof when it had my undivided attention. i think the fact that i have my own laptop also factored into the speediness of the completion of the task.

so it sound like i wont get my video game console back until the weekend after the Super Bowl. let's see if i can get a 50 page project done before that occurs.


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