Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

11/30/2011 Long Overdue

day 556

ooh, how i have neglected you, the valued reader, from the new ongoings of my life. so many things have happened in the last nine days that i need to re-cap.

first off, i finally saw a doctor yesterday about my high blood pressure, and yes, i am on a HBP drug, low dosage, to try. some lifestyle changes are occurring for sure, and step one is getting back on the exercise wagon. this will help with my stress level.

two, i have started my new job with a automotive company in Bowling Green. the first three days were really hard, and unfortunately i was ready to throw in the towel by the middle of the second day. i was at the moment of decision, to stay or go, and i chose to stay. the job is unlike anything i've ever done in the past, and a lot of times i am terrified about what i need to do. the more i do it though, the less i am scare of it. still now some of the things make my heart race with anxiety.

the learning process has been "swim or sink" "fly or die" "feed you to the sharks" kind of stuff. forcing evolution of the learning process in extreme conditions. i have been told (when i've asked) that i've doing good, but i know i need to improve in some places for sure. i'm learning the layout and where things go. and i know it takes time. hell. it's only bee five days of work so far. i can't be expected to know everything. there are no limits to what i can do, but i don't know what boundaries i have in my work; what should i do first? what takes precedence over what? where does this go?

so much to learn, but i'm willing to learn if they are willing to teach me.

in other news, i have started branching out and have begun working on some new projects for our "plastic guys" side business. some of the things are really neat, at least in my eyes, and i want to share them with the world. some things will be ready for sale soon. i'll have more details to come soon. time to spread the wings and really see how far i can fly, if i can fly at all.

that's all for now, but i promise i'll be back soon. peace.


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