Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11-09-11 a 96 hour Roller Coaster

day 534

the past four days, i have experienced the highs and lows of my life.

Saturday was a fantastic day. i spent time with my wife to pick out her new glasses, then supported the fort with a great Clash of the Kaiju game. still feeling strong, i chose to go out to my friend's house in Moline/Walbridge and pent the evening over there. they had missed me, and it felt great to be back. can't wait to go back this weekend.

Sunday, still riding high on the Mojo the night before, i was ready to tackle the world. i completed my mupermarket run in record time, and was starting to think about going into business myself, possibly some sort of party organizer/ event specialist.
Rachel had even found a few job listing in the blade for me. things were good...

...until my mother in law called

my mom in law is a good person, and i usually have no issue with her. however, she has been riding our asses about finding insurance for the kids, and is frankly adding additional stress on an already stressful situation. she was in one of her moods in which she wanted to sound off about her opinion and was really listening to the explanations we were giving her. frankly, she made us mad, and sent into a bad depression spiral. the winds were out of my sails; her words had shredded them to bits.

she called back later that day and left an apology on the answering machine. we haven't physically talked to her since.

monday, i spent time on the computer, sending off a resume to one possible employer, the other was an online app to BX Solutions, my former employer 2.0. i have not been thrilled about the idea of going back to my former workplace, regardless how much its changed. i closed that chapter in my life when BAX closed. i need to move on.

a few hours later, i receive an email from Manpower (the service that BX Solutions uses) and was informed that i had a VERY IMPRESSIVE resume(of course i should) and wanted to talk to me in person. great.

i waited for my wife to come home, a little pissed about the whole affair. my mother in law was never happy about my old job in the first place, had pointed out this specific ad in the paper, and if she found out that i was re-hired by BAX 2.O she wouldn't be satisfied. just the way she is, right? with some bitterness in my voice that reflected my dad's own voice, i told her about the opportunity, that i wasn't happy about this whole affair, but i would go back, but probably wouldn't see the family for a locked down five month period. she replied with a simple "Fine".

we didn't talk much at dinner, frankly. i was spent. i was crabby. i was back in the depression hole and back at square one. additionally, my wife was taking the day off the following day so that i could go down to the family services building and see if i could apply for medicaid. (again another attempt to get the mom-in-law to shut up)

until a phone call at 7pm monday night.

my first emailed resume called me. they wanted to see me right away. she couldn't give information about the job yet, but they (EXPRESS employment) wanted me to come in and give an interview. i roughly worked out a 2pm interview.

two hits on two employment opportunities? in the same day? i've had nothing to this point. i went to bed with a little excitement and a little nervousness.

my following day (tuesday) started too early, my youngest getting us up a 5am. i took a nap on the couch inadvertently, so i ended up being behind an hour.

i get down to monroe and bancroft, to the welfare offices, dressed down a bit to "blend in". i tried to be polite and courteous, asking simple questions, and trying to follow the directions for the 14 page app. i finished it, tried to avoid eye contact with everyone, and sat there. again the depression sat in. why was i down here? and why is it that everything breaks down when the support system is gone?

i got in, talked to the worker a little bit, and set up an interview with the caseworker, where i have to go in with every single shred of information that i can, just so that i can be told that "no, we can't cover you". this is the end result that i know we're going to get. it's just the way it is.

so, i get home, sickened by this whole ordeal, and i try to relax and have some time with the family before my interview. i get some good video game time with my girls, then get dressed in a much nicer fashion and head out to the head hunter service.

i fill out a basic application, do a skills evaluation, then hit the interview. the questions were really tough. usually you get a few through out interview, but this set of questions were very thought provoking. i was a truthful as i can be, adding in as many notable similar situations as examples to the questions. i got through it, then instantly i was asked if i can hang around for a second interview. sure, i said, i'm not doing much of anything today.

round two started with another batch of paperwork, these looking more official and the start of the actual hiring process. the questions in round two interview were more of the same provocative nature. i answered truthfully, relying on my years of experiences to pull me through.

i was informed that she was going to take a look at everything, then let me know if the actual clients would want to interview me. she would call me before the end of business that day.

i politely smiled, bid my farewell, then headed home. within the first half hour, i received word that they wanted an interview at the plant. i scheduled one for friday.

this might be the opportunity that i've been looking for. i feel so close, but i'm trying not to get my hopes up. i have to stay cool headed about this.



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