Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Monday, July 11, 2011

07/11/2011 The Great Absorbtion

day 412

Gencon, the big convention elephant in the room and the bucket list goal, is now about three weeks away, and i'm taking this time to get myself ready for this monster of a convention. i have a lot to do, both physically and mentally, so i find myself doing various tasks this week to get ready.

physically, i have to work out, but my ankle is worse than ever. i'm forced to wrap the darned thing to get some more support and that seems to be helping a bit. it doesn't hurt that much once the wrap is on, so i need to get really good rigid ankle brace before the convention.

i need to do a lot of clerical work these next few days (get ink for the printer, download an app for characters, print character sheets and organize them in a binder, etc) which is always expected this time prior to a convention. the small inconvenience is worth it though.

part two of this is reading...lots of reading. i have a collection of PDFs that i should at least look over in some detail so i can be ready for pick-up games at the convention. add in that aspect with my volunteering to be a reader for several other friends' projects and you end up wishing you had a kindle or a nook. either way, it'll help me work on my writing and reading skills, which have been lacking lately, but i'm reading every day again, which is good, and writing several things at the moment, which has me excited again.

so off i go to ice my ankle, read, write, and workout.



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