Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

07/03/2011 Bold Moves and Brazen Pests

day 405

i made a bold decision the other day, and solidified my spot at Gencon this year. regardless of outcome of the future inevitable events this month and next, i feel that this trip is now important to my personal growth and that i shouldn't deprive myself of this experience. i have friends who i don't see all too often, and i would like to see them. plus, my one event this at this convention is sold out. this proves to me that all the hard work i've been doing for the past four years is paying off. i'm in the right place, the center of all things good, and it feels great.

on the home-front. things are not terrible, but there is this pest around that i really don't how to cope with the person. she is a granddaughter of a nearby neighbor, and frankly, she irritates me. she plays with annabelle, but is very pushy about things, like wanting to come inside, or getting annabelle out of the house after i've told her that she is in for the evening. she even came over after 930 last night to give annabelle a walkie-talkie so that they could continue talking.

i think this kid is lonely, but she also seems to be very brazen about things. she means well, but she gets on my nerves quite a bit. he antics are almost that of a stalker.

now i know how it feels when my dad told me that some of my friends were pests too. it's odd to be on the other side of the conversation now. at least i'm trying to be a bit more respectful about the whole situation with my daughter.

anyway, today is a good cookout day, and i'm going to enjoy it.

have a safe one!


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