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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

07/06/2011 Diabolical to the End

day 408

it's been well documented that often my brain and i do not all the time get along, especially at night.

well, let me rephrase that, we tend not to get along at those moments when i sleep and dream. I work nights, at least for now, so maybe my mind is a little resentful that i've taken it out of its normal sleep schedule for the last 14 years.

anyway, today it showed me something totally villainous. we're talking "my brain went out and got a waxy mustache and tweaked the tips of it while laughing fiendishly" kind of sinister.

i think the worst part of it is that my mind really knows what disturbs me, and can hit me there before i have any chance to react. i hate it when it shows me man's capacity to do harm to his fellow man.

the dream today was this:

apparently, i was watching the tour-de-france on the telecast. (now i know this is a dream because i never watch this, even when Armstrong was competing) anyway, the riders, who were all French, (of course they were...thanks brain!) were coming to a section of the course where there are wheat fields on these steep hills, and that the track runs down these hills at a ridiculous rate of speed. also, the twists and turns of this course were extremely technical and that any slight miscalculation could mean ruin.

so i continue to watch.

the leader of the entire race is followed closely behind by another racer, and the leader sends that racer into the field by banging into his bike. unfortunately, the leader doesn't see the racer behind his now-field-bound opponent and that racer runs into his backside, flipping him over his handlebars and injuring the leaders knee and ankle. i know this because the leader lays on the ground and nurses his knee.

now the real horror begins.

there is a huge pileup of riders everywhere, and you can literally see legs being broken at different angles because of the immense pressure that builds up from the added weight of both biker and bike.

fistfights break out everywhere, as each racer tries to get back into the race, the scene gets worse as each racer does everything they can to get away from each other and back into the race.

the vision that i saw, just moments before i woke up was straight out of a horror film.

one racer, during one of the pileups, had somehow twisted his leg through the spokes of the back wheel of another racers bike, and that racer was trying to take off back into the race. the man's leg was slammed repeatedly by the wheel into the frame of the bike as the bike's rider tried to get moving again. the bike-rider gets the back wheel spinning again, as the man's leg breaks through spoke after spoke, until finally the man's leg becomes amputated from the knee down as the rider rides off.

i remember hearing the announcers screaming "it's a decapitation! a decapitation!" (a word that i know is wrong in this sense) and that's when i woke up.

it's been about an hour and a half since i had this dream, and its starting to fade, but it's still a bit freaky.

i still won't trade in my brain for anything. i guess i have to take the good with the bad. i'm sure this isn't anything a good bowl of soup won't fix :P

anyway, thanks for reading my rambles.


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