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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

08-05-2012 The Truth

it has been far too long since my last post, but a lot of things have happened.

1) on the 21st of june, i terminated my relationship with my work.

yes, i'm unemployed again, and actively looking for a new job. money is tight, but i have no regrets about leaving whatsoever.

there were many factors in my decision to leave the company. i didn't feel secure in my job. i was comfortable, yes, but i knew that the company had no problem getting rid of people. also, from what i was told at the beginning of my hire date about the house, and what i was actively getting in hours were each week were way out of proportion. 12 hour days with overtime on the weekend is unacceptable in that climate. they have three shifts, there's no need for twelve hour days, but apparently that's just part of their culture. i have a close friend who works at another division of the company, and he's still on 12 hour rotations. they talked about fairness, and i saw nothing to accredit that.

the situation came to a head when i was scheduled for overtime on a day that i was supposed to have off. i had discussed a trip to cleveland with my oldest child several times over the last year, and i talked to HR several times about taking my merit day, which they told me that taking such a day on the last day of the work week allows me to have the weekend for myself. i put the plans in motion, hotel reservations, event registrations, and a smiley daughter emerged.

on that friday, i had to talk to hr, who sent me back to my direct supervisor (who i know didn't like me because of the incident after three weeks) and she had no information for me. she called several people and put them on speakerphone, trying to get me an answer. all the time there, i could begin to feel my blood boil

inevitably i was told "no" and that i was to report to work that weekend. however, they would call me if that they had a different answer for me. (which i know they wouldn't call)

that was the last straw. that was two times that they had screwed me over at the last minute, and that was two times too many.

i returned my uniform, scan card, and handbook later that day. i still get mad when i think about it.

2) life at home is on the rocks:

i thought that this job was going to cost me my marriage, but apparently leaving my job can also cause the same issue. my wife is distant, and she looks at me like i'm just another person in the household. she was happy, carefree, didn't have to worry about anything, but now she's depressed and i'm the source of her suffering. there's little to no physical contact, and i rarely hear "i love you" escape her lips. that's where the real pain hits me. it's the fact that i've let them down, even though i was the one that was suffering. that job sucked the fun out of everything, and little brings me real joy.

so that's my situation at the moment. i hope i find you in a better situation.



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