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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

08--19--2012 GenCon 2012: Hardcore XP

Yesterday, i took a day trip to Indianapolis to go to GenCon and run my signature event "Qags-in-a-Bag". this was a psychotic 15 hours of insanity that was over in a blink of an eye.

i left the comforts of my home a little before 1pm and set off down the road. this first half of my trip led me from Toledo, to Fort Wayne, then deep into the heart of Indianapolis. apparently, GenCon this year fell on the same weekend as the Indiana state fair and also the Preseason opener for the Indianapolis Colts. Traffic and parking was a total pain, but i managed to get squared away around the 4:30p mark.

first steps i took were right to the dealer room, the mecca of geekdom. now, i can see myself spending tremendous time and money here, but i was on a tight schedule. i didn't really see anything that tickled my fancy. Star Trek Catan was there, but i figure i need to buy the base game first before a special set. i saw the actress that played Uhura on Star Trek, but i wasn't all that impressed. EHH. maybe it's age, maybe other things were on my mind.

i made my way out of the dealer room, and headed towards the JW Marriot. i was going to do a little scouting to find the room i was going to use for my QIB game. didn't find it straight away, because i was called by my friend Joshua to head to the RAM, a microbrewery in Indy, about four blocks away. i huffed it over there, not missing a beat since my other associates were waiting in line. i had a sumptuous dinner of Primal Chicken and Morgoth's Fury. dinner seemed to take too long and it was 20 minutes to 8pm before i headed back to the room for my game.

i had a full table, though some players were missing and had been replaced by others. it was a crazy time for certain. i'll have more detail about it in my next post.

directly after this game, about 12:15am, i made my way back to toledo and arrived home at 345 am. so far i've slept about 4 hours today. i've got a nasty lack of caffeine headache, but i'm coping. looking forward to a full night's rest.



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