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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

01--08-2012 The End of the World...And I Feel Fine

day 595

So this is the year that everything ends, right?

so the mayan calender ends abruptly a few days before Christmas, and instantly we're all supposed to thing that there's nothing after. some doomsayer proclaimed "Oh Shit! We're all going to die" and we, as intelligent people are supposed to believe that?

come on, we're more intelligent that that.

first off, even if the mayans were "the most advanced civilization ever" (and that's granting all sorts of leeway) let's take a look a some factors that everyone seems to be ignoring.

1) The Mayans existed between 2000BC and 900AD. this year marks that they will have been gone for 1112 years. do you think they had that much insight. do you think they might've see their own end first?

2) the mayans were human, and as such had human faults. did anyone think for a moment perhaps it was a mistake? they ran out of room? perhaps the stone carver developed carpal tunnel? maybe he woke up one day with a severe case of "FXCK IT" and decided to do something else. maybe he was a visionary, and thought to himself that maybe, after a couple thousand years, that someone would come up with a better way to keep track of a frickin' calender.( Hell, we have them in our computers, phones, and just about every electrical device we own.)

3) i'm pretty sure the mayans had no clue that Nostradamus was coming down the pipe about 600 years later, so if we don't believe the mayans, why should we believe nostradamus's predictions on the Mayans' calender.

4) religious fanatics and other religious groups are going to make money by inciting fear and harvesting in the lost souls who are trying to cover their ass and get into the pearly gates. (keep an eye on the news and see if people are retuning to church, and if those numbers are going up steadily month after month.) these organizations will point out that the savior is coming back and the end of days will begin. Really? If the Mayans were right, you really think they were holding the door open for Christ to walk back in?

i'm not afraid about the end of the world, this year or any year. live each day as if it was your last. bring joy to those you love. make each moment count. if you count the days to the end, you will have a bunch of joyless days that have passed you by.

Carpe Diem, Peeps


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