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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Monday, January 9, 2012

01--09--2012 Conventional Motion

day 596

my personal growth continues at a steady pace. however, there are some aspects of my life i'm not willing to give up.

as some of you know, i often travel to various game conventions throughout the area, and volunteer to run events. it's kind of my way of giving back. again i cannot stress the luck i've had with meeting fantastic people because of these conventions.

anyway, i'm staring down the barrel of convention season again, and of course the first one up is the hometown college convention, BASHcon. now, due to possible overtime and lack of vacation days, i really don't have that much room for leeway or error when it comes to going to these places this year, so i'm a little hesitant to really apply myself to anything extracurricular.

additionally, i been receiving email from other associates and partners in crime about GENCON, the biggest and baddest in the states, trying to get me back to run another installment of Qags-in-a-bag, my signature event (man, that sounds strange to say). so now, i have that in the back of my head, and now i'm thinking "day trip"...i must be completely insane to even think about driving there and back in the same day. but there is no rest for the wicked.

one thing that i've noticed is that my creativity is not as strong as it once was, only because of this new job and i have so many other things to think about before plot lines and story arcs, but at least i'm still blogging. today i did pull out the old bag, dusted it off, and began to think of things to toss into the idea chasm.

and so it begins...again...


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  1. Day trip Toledo to Indy and back, plus running a game is insane. Your job and home life always--ALWAYS--come first.