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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Friday, June 10, 2011

06/10/2011 Soundtrack of My Life


so a while back, i talked about the Definitive Playlist and the songs that define me. we'll i started working on them, and have so far retrieved 18 songs that are really good and seem to define me in some way.

here are the songs, and why i chose them. final order is still to be determined.

1 "Head Up High" by Firewind: fast paced metal song that reaffirms self-worth. "you'll never be yourself/don't ever lose your pride/ just find out who you are/keep your head up high" a great way to hype yourself up and build self esteem at the same time.

2)"I want it all/we will rock you" Queen-featuring Armageddon (from Sucker Punch Soundtrack): probably one of the coolest rap rock mish-mashes from recent history. a little greedy about getting things, kind of narcissistic, but good.

3)"Awake Alive" by Skillet: i know they are like POD and Flyleaf, and i have no problem with their Christian beliefs, but the song isn't bad at all, and it does have some strong phrases in it, telling you that it's you against the world, and don't well yourself short.

4)"Superbad (11:34)" by Travie McCoy: a song i heard on the NFS: Hot Pursuit Soundtrack and fell in love with it instantly. falls under the "life is a road and take your path" genre. good,and it does make you want to go fast in your car.

5) "Feelin' Good" by Michael Buble: i liked Sinatra, and i like this guy too. again, i'm always feelin' good :}

6)"Remember the Name" by Fort Minor: doesn't really apply directly, but i like the math involved. definitely feel that i am reason enough to remember my name.

7)"Wicked and Weird" by Buck 65: a strange song that appeals to my weird streak. has some good lyrics, good beat, and is different enough to add to my collection.

8)"Eye of Horus" by Here Come the Mummies: like the phrase "Lurking in the shadows /occupy your nightmares and your dreams/ i'm your fantasy, reality/ everything in between/Omnipotent watcher in all directions/up, down, left, and right/ I'm everywhere/ i'm the Eye of Horus tonight". a feel good undead funk song that gets the blood going. a little sexy innuendo in the song too never hurts.

9)"Are you Happy now? by Michelle Branch: a reminder that not everything we want tends to turn out the way we plan. a fair warning, and one to be heeded.

10)"So Long" By Everlast: i'm still debating why i put this song in the list. don't get me wrong i like it, it's one of my fives, but i think it again acts as a warning not to tread that dark path that we could go down at any time we want. basically take the high road and steer clear of those that have decided to take the low road.

11)"Then The Morning Comes" By Smash Mouth: a good song about being yourself. kind of a party song, but also acts as a confirmation that i've got my stuff together, and when that happens that is a beautiful thing.

12 and 13)"Millenium" and "No Regrets" by Robbie Williams: this tandem team of songs have been a steady favorite of mine since 1998. the two are just plain old good songs, and they tell the tale that sometimes life does things to us, and our own worth is dependent how we deal with the crap that life throws at us. (or something like that)

14) "The Becoming" by Nine Inch Nails: i had to put a NIN song in, because they are still my favorite band. this song tells me that sometimes you just aren't in control, and there is nothing you can do about it. kind of a crappy moral to the story, but that's the breaks sometimes.

15)"Hello Zepp (Theme from SAW)" by Charlie Clouser: a former live band alum from NIN, Clouser is a phenomenal movie score composer. this song is here because i love horror flicks, and it does get the blood pumping a bit.

15)"You Raise Me Up" by Josh Grobin: if there ever was a life affirming piece, this would be it. i don't care much for the artist on this one, but at least he got this song right.

16) "The Last Day On Earth (Live Acoustic Version)" By Marilyn Manson: Fantastic Version of this song. nothing more, nothing less.

17)"Do I Make You Proud" by Taylor Hicks: An American Idol winner, who really hasn't done much, but this song is great. it all boils down to the fact that we do want people to be proud of what we do, and that would absolutely put a smile on my face for sure.

that's what i have for now. Peace!


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