Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24/10 Conversation with my Mind

the 165th day...

normally, i fancy myself as a really creative guy, and often i can't stop my mind from thinking when i need something for a convention or friends or any other thing where i need something creative.

this past week, after my last convention for the season, i sent my mind on vacation, not needing to be creative at the moment. my mind, however has chosen to be a bit vocal during this process, and i share with you the conversations i have had with it.

in no part does this mean i'm schizophrenic.

Mind: Hey, you know that BashCon is coming up in February. I heard that there are several people that are trying to get this Con up to better standards. heck, that Ohio Kimono lady was promoting the crap out of it.

MK: i know what your trying to do, it won't work. i want two weeks of no creativity. i think about events later.

Mind: your friends will be there. that means Qags and Clash of the Kaiju... Did you see those card boxes that Brian made? Nice, But we cam make our own. here's what i'm thinking...

MK: Hey! Go back to your vacation! no thinky thinky.

Mind: you know that GenCon is coming up...

MK: yeah, next August!!! Get back to the beach and drink your omega-3 enriched smoothies!!

Mind: Just saying that there are some people who want you there. you have to leave your mark on that con too. you can be truly epic in your events. I've got something brewing over here, it's going to be completely bananas. plus you can be a part of the Qags invitational.

MK: Chill! no need to be premature about things!

Mind: i know you have notes for a game up in your closet, i've seen them. just pull them down. it's you next Dread event. you don't even have to think too much. it's almost done you know...

MK: My God, you're really trying to get me to do another project again aren't you? the wife will get mad.

Mind: three words: Somali Pirate Game. Here's another for Kaiju: ZomZilla

Mk: Your completely sick, you know that? look, today i'm going to the pumpkin patch with the family. we're going to get a few pumpkins. if you don't shut up, i'm just going to put a smiley face on my pumpkin and nothing else. nothing elaborate, and i know it'll kill you not to be creative.

Mind: ...

MK: Well?

Mind: ...I'll be good...


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