Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Monday, October 4, 2010

10/04/10 breaking the silence...again

the 145th day...

its been 15 days since my last post, and i'm not real happy about it. just haven't had the time as life has caught up to me in a bad way. yesterday sucked for several reasons, most of then unexpected projects such as a clogged drain that i attacked for an hour and a half with no results. i was blindsided at every point in which i had the possibility of time to do what i need to do for the weekend following next (CotC if you know what that is) and i feel the time running out.

so now the plans stands at this for the remainder of the day, at least until it changes, which it probably will.

i'm going to finish this food that i'm eating as i type this (leftover lasagna if you must know)

then, i'm going to attack the kitchen and finish the dishes that i couldn't do last night because of the clogged sink.

then, hopefully i will have a clear enough mind to relax a bit and get a few more notes done for my CotC trip coming up soon. if my mind is still a bit wonky and stressed, i will have to jump on my game console to unwind a bit, but i'd rather not in this timeframe.

after that, kid comes home from school and we all get together for family time. which is probably the best part of the day. love my family thats for sure.

see you all soon.


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