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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Monday, July 19, 2010

07/19/10 Required Viewing

the 68th day...

back from doing some work on a dread game and after a busy and action packed weekend, i was able to actually indulge in watching a movie. after thinking about it, i remembered that in one of my high school classes we wrote a paper about what things we wanted to have if we were stuck on a deserted island. now mind you, this was way before the concepts of dvd's, mp3s, ultramodern home PCs, internet , and digital downloads. i don't remember full list back then, so I'll say now what five movies i love and couldn't live without if on said deserted island.

1) Wizards: an oddly animated movie about the war between technology and magic. i grew up on this movie, but never knew the name of it until the movie was recently released on dvd about 5 or 6 years ago. one of the few films that i can watch over and over again.

2) Cube: sci-fi/horror flick about a bunch of people trapped in a large cube that are booby-trapped in some areas. cheaply done, but it is amazing that the storyline can carry a movie in what is ultimately the same room for the entire movie's duration. definitely a cult classic.

3) The Crow: my action flick choice. phenomenal soundtrack, phenomenal movie. this was on the list in high school, and now its on this list.

4) The Warriors: a great action flick. too many great moments to ignore and not put on the list.

5) Death Race 2000: Though the remake was pretty good for what it was, it still was not the campy Corman original. besides, having Carridine and Stallone in the same flick, and some very campy moments make it an instant classic.

there ya go. have a great day all.



  1. I don't know if I've ever brought this up to you, but a long time ago when Pat and I were in grade school we used to stay the night at each other's houses on occasion well sometimes we would rent movies. On one of these weekends, we went to the movie gallery and one of the movies we picked out was called Wizards. So we got it (why the heck not, with a cool name like that)! Ten years later I was able to find it again and watch it. I totally agree, it is oddly animated, and I also love it, especially the ending.

  2. i also know that Ralph Bakshi is the director, and i know that he did the first animated lord of the rings/ two towers movie. and i just recently found out he did "cool world" as well.

    might actually have to see cool world now.