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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Friday, July 2, 2010

07/02/10 Another Disturbing Dream

the 51st day

My mind is a wonderful tool and I truly enjoy all the things that I can do with it and all its functionality, but sometimes, it just throws curveball at me when I least expect it.

As I have posted previously, I don’t really buy into the whole dream analysis psychology, but I do know that your mind puts truth into the dreams. It keeps you real, it reminds you who you are and how you perceive yourself.

My kids were able to leave for the day, and that gave me a rare opportunity to sleep and catch up on lost sleep time. I’m writing this as I’m waking up, so forgive me if I’m a little groggy, and yes I know it almost 5pm est.

I dreamt that I was a 12 year old boy who was visiting a friend ; a fellow boy who was a burn victim. As I left the hospital, I was abducted by two men, who both strangely resembled my real life friend Ajax. These two men tazed me twice to knock me out and place me on a plane. (yes you can insert your own “don’t taze me bro” jokes here) They informed once we got into the air that I was to part of their demonstration and a spokesperson for burn victims around the world…by being put in a suicide bomb vest and doomed to die.

Now, that’s not the part that bugs me. The real questionable part is this conversation I had with the co pilot. I remember this part vividly. I’ll split it up into dialogue as best I can:

MTK: I have a good chance of surviving this, right?
Man: ::turns to me and shakes his head::
MTK: really?
Man: when we get to our destination, I will be wearing the vest to protect us from police fire. We’ll drive to our demonstration point and then you’ll be put in the vest. It has a dead man trigger, pressure sensitive switch and timer. I assure you there will not be enough time to save you even if the bomb squad it there, and I assure you they’ll try to save you.
MTK: This is going to prevent me from playing Playstation when I get there then, right?
Man: ::sigh:: yes kid.
MTK: ::I smirk:: I don’t see it happening.
Man: what?
MTK: I don’t see myself dying today.
Man: it’s a mathematical certainty that the bomb will detonate while you’re wearing it. Your death is an inevitability.
MTK: I can’t see it. I’m sure the cops will get to me and save me.
Man: really? You can’t see the future ahead of you? No foresight? The fact that your life ends today?
MTK: nope. I’m lucky if I know what I’m having for dinner that night.

Again, I know it’s a dream, but I really think my mind thinks less of me. I know I lack foresight more often than not, but c’mon, when faced with my own inevitable death , am I going to be seriously bragging about my flaws like Jake from two and a half men? Am I more concerned about Playstation time than living or dying?

And why did the two abductors have to look like Ajax?



  1. I've had some pretty wild dreams in my life. As a result of those dreams, many years ago I did my version of dream research. What I discovered is that most dreams are a direct result of a real life situation or struggle we're dealing with. The dream you talk about here...tells me your needing to get something accomplished and you don't have much time left to do it. Or your feeling like time is running out. Just my thoughts. Love reading your blog :D

  2. now i always have projects going on throughout the year, and yer it does feel like i'm always running out of time, but i will say that that's just the nature of the beast; that balancing a family and work leave time for little else, unless you really want it.
    again, i don't buy into dream analysis all that much, but i do know that there is a lot of books and such on the study, and i have perused such books from time to time. i personally think that if you dream about your job, that your brain literally dreams about your job and not something that is represented by your job. but the mind is an amazing tool, and we still don't know its full potential.
    thanks for you comments and i hope you keep reading. and for the record, that same day, i had another dream about riding on an airplane.


  3. Here's a crazy one for you Mark. My sister lives in Chicago, I live in Swanton. We havent talked in weeks. Two nights ago we both dreamt of our step mother..someone who we have had nothing to do with since my dad passed nearly 8 yrs ago. Splain that one! lol

  4. i can't explain it at all, but i do think that there are some weird links between siblings and and parents and offspring for sure. often i think my oldest daughter and my wife share a link sometimes.