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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

4/3/2011 Morning Zom-mov and friends

the 316th day...

Today, i watched "Day of the Dead", a 2008 remake on the nexflix streaming, and i'm disappointed that i could not find the original anywhere on many of the movie sites.

anyway this film has a cavalcade of b-actors that you've seen somewhere else before. the only two names i really recognized in the credits were ving rhames (good) and nick cannon (bad). now the zombies are of the "fast" variety, but they also show off some interesting intelligence, often resorting to pack tactics to take down prey. there are also instances of super jumping and spider climbing on the ceiling, which are cool and all, but really don't fit into the whole zombie aspect.

the movie has a lot of 'meh" moments, the acting drags on without a real connection to any character. there are a few good visual moments, but they fall back into cliche moments too. hardly any memorable lines in the movie.

and i swear to god, if i see another zom-mov that shows off visual noise and distortion in its opening credits, which i'm sure i will see within the next 27 days, i'm going to lose it.

it's creative, but kinda bland, shows promise, then falls back into the fold. meh, it's ok


off to the friends house soon. wonder if they have any zombie games to play? LOL

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