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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

08/01/2010 Stubborn as Hell

the 81st day...

as many of you know, my mother was recently hospitalized with an atrial fibulation and spent an entire week in the hospital. as of this past Thursday my mother was released from the hospital.

Now, normally my mother takes my kids on the weekend; it's been something she's done since my oldest was born. she has always wanted a strong bond with my kids,and i have allowed her to do so without any problem.

this weekend, my wife and i had planned to keep the kids home, to let my mom recuperate at least a week, because kids are a handful and my mom doesn't need any extra stress. well, on friday my mom calls me and asks for the kids in the morning, i simply say "we'll see" and i let her know that i think she should take it easy. later that day, my mom calls me and tells me that she's coming from Michigan and is on her way over to pick up the kids. apparently my mom and dad had just returned from Windsor from a gambling day trip.

at this point, it was impossible to fright with them about getting the kids. Mom apparently didn't feel like taking it easy.

now i feel like a kid whose parents aren't listening to him. will i ever get red of this feeling like i'm under their thumb? crazy stubborn people.


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