Mental Access to MTKuszek

Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

10 21 12 Building a Better Mask

my wife and i went to the local halloween stores yesterday, and for the first time, there was nothing there that really tickled my fancy, but i was feeling in a creative mood.

i began to think very hard about something i could do myself.

i saw a marked down plastic mask. i could see that there were some flaws in the design, thus the markdown. it was nothing i couldn't fix myself. problem was is that i wear glasses and a mask really doesn't work for me that way.

but if i make a full helmet, i can keep some extra room for my glasses. interesting.

i found a roman legionnaire helmet made of a heavy plastic. i looked at it, making sure that i could tear it apart as i needed. i checked to make sure that the two pieces could connect at some place. they did, with some adjustment.

i smiled.

i got the pieces home, and set upon my terrible task. after some disassembly, testing, and reassembly, i had my base form.  since then i have added an outer shell, and am now shopping for a few extra pieces.

my deadline is the 27th. fitting, its my birthday.

will i finish it in time? stay tuned.


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