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Mental Access to MTKuszek
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

08-09-2011 Gencon Indy Wrap-up

day 441

Gencon: For gamers, it is the Mecca of the gaming universe, and a pilgrimage that any gamer should make at least once in his or her lifetime.

And I did it last weekend...

first off, Indianapolis is an awesome city, full of things to do downtown. It's really clean and the sights are amazing. Plenty of things to do it the large city.

Now, we arrived on site on Wednesday. I had a game that evening, while my other friends got together to play L5R, I went to meet up with Mr. Engle who was the GM for “Bloodbath and Beyond: Monstertown Vice” it was a great way to start off the convention. A lot of fun an shenanigans were had. Here's the rub: I didn't realize that Gencon does not just exist in the ICC, but rather in several nearby sites as well. This game was going to be held in union station, an old train station, turned into a fantastic conference plaza. An eye opening experience for sure, but I found my way around after a while.

Thursday: Dressed in my “Have you seen my Zombie?” T-shirt, which I had about 50 comments about it that day, I explored the dealer room with a few good friends, and initially didn't buy much. I did pick up the three CD's by Midnight Syndicate and Gavin that I really wanted. The rest would come later.
That night I played in Josh's “Sword and Sorcery: Curse of the Alchemist” which was wonderfully cool. I was amazed by the caliber of player that come to play at Gencon. We seemed to all be on the same page for that game. It was nice.

Friday: didn't really do any significant gaming, but I did peek in on some of my friends games, and played a few board games, taking pictures here and there. More and more people.

Saturday: my game day, I reached that moment of zen a few moments before my event began. I had some exceptional players who were on board at the first moment. My Qags-in-a-Bag is probably one of the most interesting and strange games out there, and it fits my personality perfectly. I told them that the ship could go down at any moment, and to expect the unexpected. They loved it, and together we crafted a story unlike any other that I have ever done. It was my best work to date. Stay tuned here for a blow by blow play of the game.
Later in the afternoon, the Hexgames staff, and myself, all went to a microbrew house called the ram, which was really cool. Drinking a few beers with that group is awesome.

Sunday: the wind down: tired, exhausted and a little homesick, we wrapped up, said our goodbyes, and headed home. I was really excited to see that my kids and wife were excited to see me.

A Phenomenal time. EPIC on all levels.


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